@Work Livestream Series: Tech, Transformation & the Future of Work

How and where we work has been completely upended, first by an unprecedented pandemic and next by a vital social movement. This, added to an already rapidly changing business environment. Success in this new era will require new thinking, new leaders, and new technology.

The CNBC @Work Livestream series convenes the most innovative business leaders who are building and empowering the diverse workforce of the future.


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September 8 | 3:00pm EDT
Respond, Adapt, Thrive
Despite the disruptions and limitations, we’ve discovered new ways of working together, while apart. But how do we move past “good enough for now” to “the best we can do to thrive”?  Engage with IBM‘s Diane Gherson, Mondelez’s Paulette Alviti, and SHRM’s Johnny Taylor on their experience, advice, and strategic outlook heading into the fall and beyond.


August 13 | 3:00pm EDT
Agents of Change
As technology assumes an outsized role in every business, the CIOs of Lowe’s and Synchrony will share their experiences as technological and cultural change-makers, leading their organizations toward the kind of agile mindset that will drive optimal outcomes, even in difficult times.
Seemantini Godbole, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Lowe’s
Carol Juel, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Synchrony
Jon Fortt, “Squawk Alley” Co-Anchor, CNBC


July 23 | 3:00pm EDT
Get Smart(er): The Evolution of Reskilling
From schools to workplaces, we’re rethinking how the workers of the future will get the skills they need to succeed. But the pandemic has uncovered imbalances: Who benefits and who suffers when learning goes digital? XPRIZE founder and executive chairman Peter H. Diamandis will share his thoughts on how we can do this right.
Peter H. Diamandis, Founder and Executive Chairman, XPRIZE
Jon Fortt
, “Squawk Alley” Co-Anchor, CNBC


July 9 | 3:00pm EDT
Change Through Crisis: Innovating in Tough Times and Making it Stick
The CEOs of Accenture and Talend discuss how the challenges we face in these unprecedented times are shaping digital transformation today and share strategies for implementing change that will last into the future.
Christal Bemont, CEO, Talend
Julie Sweet, CEO, Accenture
Jon Fortt, “Squawk Alley” Co-Anchor, CNBC


June 25 | 2:30pm EDT
Future Proof
Legendary tech CEO Bill McDermott describes the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and how he’s preparing the company for the future.
Bill McDermott, CEO, ServiceNow 
Jon Fortt, “Squawk Alley” Co-Anchor, CNBC


Diversity & Inclusion: The Rapid Turnaround
CEO Cynthia Marshall successfully transformed the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks toxic culture into a case study of diversity and inclusion. She’ll share the secrets to the organization’s dramatic turnaround.
Cynthia Marshall, CEO, Dallas Mavericks
Jon Fortt,
Squawk Alley” Co-Anchor, CNBC


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