#TakeOnTomorrow Virtual Workshop Event Participant Form

Business News (Asia) LLP, doing business as CNBC Asia Pacific, via its commercial division CNBC Catalyst (“CNBC”) is organising a free, invitation-only, interactive, virtual workshop titled “Are CEOs ready to take on tomorrow?” on [11 March 2021 at 8am EST] (the “Event”). You (the “Participant”) are invited to attend and participate in the Event subject to your acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

1. Participant acknowledges and agrees that he/she is invited to attend the Event with other senior business leaders for the purpose of networking, engaging in discussions and sharing ideas and industry insights (Participant’s “Contribution”).

2. In order to facilitate Participant’s Contribution to the Event, Participant agrees to disclose certain personal information to CNBC, including Participant’s: (a) name and contact information (including telephone number and email address); and (b) other information provided by Participant as part of the Event (which may include Participant’s experiences, background information (e.g., hometown, occupation, job title), personal characteristics (e.g., interests), photos or other personal information shared by Participant and video-recorded during the Event) (collectively, the “Information”). CNBC will use the Information to deliver the Event and to conduct the activities described in this Form and in the NBCUniversal Privacy Policy (available at https://www.nbcuniversal.com/privacy), and Participant agrees to such uses.

3. Participant agrees that CNBC may share the Information with CNBC’s affiliates and staff for the purpose of communicating with the Participant and delivering the Event, and with the following third parties:

(i) service providers and production staff engaged by or on behalf of CNBC, for the purpose of delivering the Event;
(ii) government authorities, courts, and law enforcement agencies, if CNBC is required to do so by law; and
(iii) CNBC’s legal and financial advisors, for the purpose of obtaining advice.

4. Participant acknowledges and agrees that his/her participation in the Event is conditional on the Participant agreeing to CNBC video-recording the Event. By selecting the “Yes” box in response to the below Privacy Question 1, Participant consents to CNBC video-recording the Contribution.

5. CNBC intends to use the video-recording to create promotional videos for CNBC’s marketing purposes. If Participant does not wish to be included in the promotional videos, Participant may select the “No” box in response to the below Privacy Question 2 and CNBC will ensure that Participant’s Contribution is not included in any promotional videos. If, however, Participant selects the “Yes” box in response to Privacy Question 2, Participant shall be deemed to grant CNBC a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free licence to:

(i) edit, copy, add to, cut down, adapt, modify and/or translate, dub or subtitle the Contribution provided that the overall meaning is not distorted;
(ii) use, reproduce, publish, transmit, display, broadcast and/or publicly communicate the Contribution in any and all media (on both CNBC and third party platforms), whether now known or hereafter developed, as part of any CNBC-created editorial or commercial content and without payment, liability (save as expressly specified in this Form), or acknowledgement to Participant;
(iii) issue publicity relating to the Contribution and publish for such purpose extracts from the Contribution (including without limitation Participant’s picture, photograph, film or videotape including any images, video clips, audio files, transcriptions of audio files, biographical information, and interview quotations from which Participant may be identified); and
(iv) sub-license CNBC’s distribution, publicity, advertising and marketing partners to use, reproduce, publish, transmit, display, broadcast and/or publicly communicate the Contribution in any media worldwide and in perpetuity for their commercial business purposes.

6. CNBC intends to share the Information with VMware International Unlimited Company and its affiliates (the “Commercial Partner”) to enable the Commercial Partner to send direct marketing notices to Participant regarding the Commercial Partner’s products and services. The Commercial Partner will handle the Information in accordance with its privacy policy available at: https://www.vmware.com
/in/help/privacy.html#privacy-notice (which sets out, among other things, the process for opting out of future marketing notices). If Participant does not wish to receive direct marketing notices from the Commercial Partner, Participant may select the “No” box in response to the below Privacy Question 3 and CNBC will not share Participant’s Information with the Commercial Partner. Please note, however, that Participant may not be selected to participate in the Event if Participant does not agree to the disclosure of the Information to the Commercial Partner.

7. Participant hereby irrevocably waives the benefit of all moral right rights and performers’ rights arising under the Copyright Act 1987 or similar rights arising under the laws of any jurisdiction. Participant acknowledges that CNBC is under no obligation to broadcast, exhibit and/or otherwise exploit the Contribution.

8. Participant represents, warrants and undertakes to CNBC that:

(i) Participant is at least 18 years old, has the legal capacity to enter freely into this Form, and is fully empowered to accept the terms herein and grant the rights and licences to the Contribution;
(ii) the Contribution is, to the best of Participant’s knowledge and belief, genuine and truthful and will not infringe the copyright or any other right of any third party or breach any contract or duty of confidence, data protection law or the Official Secrets Act or any other legislation relating to national security, constitute a contempt of court, or be obscene, defamatory or blasphemous;
(iii) Participant shall keep confidential and shall not disclose to any third party any confidential information, or any photographs or other materials in relation to the affairs of CNBC personnel or to the Event or anyone taking part in it which may come to Participant’s knowledge as a result of its participation in the Event or otherwise; and
(iv) CNBC shall not be liable for, and Participant hereby unconditionally releases CNBC from any liability for, any loss, damage or injury suffered by Participant in connection with its participation in the Event other than death or personal injury caused by CNBC’s negligence.

9. This Form shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Singapore law. Participant and CNBC irrevocably agree that the courts of Singapore shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim (including non-contractual disputes or claims) arising out of in connection with this Form or its subject matter or formation.