Exclusive: Excerpts from NBA Rookie of the Year Paolo Banchero from the CNBC x Boardroom Game Plan Summit in Los Angeles Today, Tuesday, July 25

July 25, 2023

WHEN: Today, Tuesday, July 25

WHERE: CNBC x Boardroom Game Plan Summit

Following are excerpts from the unofficial transcript of NBA Rookie of the Year Paolo Banchero from the Intersection of Sports X Entertainment panel that took place today, Tuesday, July 25th, live during the CNBC x Boardroom Game Plan Summit in Los Angeles.

Video can be found on CNBC.com

Mandatory credit: CNBC x Boardroom Game Plan Summit.


Obviously, like you said, you do have a window. You know, I’m just getting down my first year. And you know, you can’t take you know, this time for granted can’t take playing in the NBA for granted. You know, this has been in the league. You know, it’s one of the biggest platforms in the world. You know, not only for sports, but for anything you know, the NBA is not just all about basketball, you know, they tap into social justice business, different brands so you know that it can take a different places. And like he said, like it’s really just about how you want your story to, you know, how you want to tell the world your story


The job I mean, I think the main thing is always the main thing which is which is basketball but also as being you know, a well known person player, you have fans and people who look at you for you know, influence kids who look up to to be an example. So, you know, not only do you want to be that guy on the court that they look to, but when they go on your Instagram or they watch you on TV or any YouTube video, you know, you want them to, you know kind of gravitate towards you, you know, whether it’s your personality or, you know, your fashion,


So, she just taught me a lot. You know, she told me the things that she felt she did wrong when she was playing, and she just never let me you know, have those same mistakes. You know, she was my biggest critic still is my biggest critic. You know, sometimes I get done with a game and you know, I might even play good and I still have a paragraph of text on my phone from my mom, you know, telling me about what I need to do better. So she’s, you know, still there. For me, it’s still tough on me, but you know, everything, you know, she said it came true. And, you know, all the lessons she’s taught me even back when I was younger, and I hated it, I didn’t want to hear it. You know, I look back now and you know, a lot of a lot of stuff she said is that she said would happen it’s happened and you know, it’s all coming to fruition.


Obviously you have to have a strong team around you of people whether you know you hire them, whether you’ve known them or whether they’re, you know, family whatever it is. So I think just for me, I try and get different opinions from different people. You know, just so I can kind of gauge everyone and and try and make the best decision for myself but also, you know, you got to take some of the responsibility to support yourself and know how you feel about whether it’s a brand deal or a decision you got to make just trusting your gut and trying to go to go to the right people for the right advice.



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