CNBC’s @Work Talent + HR Summit: Building the workforce of the future

April 4, 2019

Competition for the right talent is fierce, and rapid advances in AI, machine learning and automation necessitate new thinking on how to build the most effective teams. A new generation of workers have new expectations, challenging human resources executives to think differently about recruitment, development and retention.

CNBC’s @Work is a three-part event series that examines the impact of new technology on three interrelated disciplines — human resources, IT and finance. This edition of the @Work series explores how CHROs can drive success for their company by balancing the needs of the workforce—present and future—with the needs of the company.

Speakers included IBM CEO Ginni Rometty, Basecamp Co-Founder and CEO Jason Fried, CHROs from The Walt Disney Company, Adobe, Cisco and Microsoft, and many more.

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Watch the full sessions to discover how leaders are re-imagining the employee workplace experience.
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Rometty recently spoke at a CNBC event titled “@WORK TALENT + HR: Building the workforce of the future.” It’s her comments that got me thinking about the impact that artificial intelligence is going to have on an organization’s HR strategy and employee population.


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In a recent CNBC interview, chief executive Ginni Rometty said that thanks to AI, the tech and consulting giant can predict with 95 percent accuracy the employees who are likely to leave in the next six months.


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Trust is a critical component to creating a happy and effective workplace, Andrew Ross Sorkin, co-anchor of CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” said Tuesday at CNBC’s @Work Talent and HR event in New York City.